The feminist movement | Essay | Engelsk

In the 1900-century a wave hit the society. The feminist topic became a problem worldwide. Femi-nism encompasses a wide range of concepts.

In Anthony Giddens investigations he looked into how to define a family and the structures that humans find themselves in.

Giddens theory about partner-ships had three aspects to it. Modern family pursue to measure up to his studies and the nuclear family started to play a bigger role.

Most TV shows in these days are about sex, sexuality, alcohol, drugs, and dramas that happen be-cause of them. "Modern Family" is no exception, but instead it is a drama who pays more attention to the family life.

On the surface, it is like TV shows that are full of sex and drugs in today’s media, but underneath this surface, each episode has a moral worth learning

and the show generally repre-sents America’s “typical” family. The difference in Modern Family is mainly due to the diversity of characters.

Modern family pays more attention to female stereotypes to improve the statement of a family ide-ology dominated by men. In the show Modern Family, the minders are Gloria, Claire, and Cameron.

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