MeToo movement | Essay | 10 i karakter

#Metoo is a social movement that went viral in 2017. It was created to spread awareness about sexual abuse and from then on has spread like a wildfire.

Women from all over the world have told their stories through #MeToo and in doing so, inspires more people to do the same. By looking at the articles and video “MeToo movement shines a light on sexual harassment”, “Dear men:

So why is it that women are afraid to speak up? They have been told by society to be quite and does not speak up if they want to climb up the hierarchy.

That it is their only choice of success because they are women. This is also further enhanced when big companies promote these sexist ideologies.

Like here in this article “Bic apologises for ‘sexist’ South African Advert” where they promoted “Look like a girl Act like a lady Think like a man Work like a boss”.

This implies that women are stupid and need to think like a man. All of this shows that society are promoting sexual harassment and that is why the movement #MeToo is so important for women.

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