The Dunwich Horror | Engelsk

Chapter 1:
Dunwich is an old town located north of Massaschutess. There is a story that people do not talk about, it is called The Dunwich Horror and it happened in the year 1928. Dunwich is a sad town, the trees are huge and the wild weeds, brambles.

Chapter 2:
Wilbur Whateley was born at 5 A.M on Sunday, the second of February 1913, in the township of Dunwich. His mother was an unattractive albino woman at the age of thirty-five with the name Lavina, and they lived with her father who was an aged and a half-insane man. The remote farmhouse had always been feared because of Old Whateley’s reputation. He was known for practicing black magic and besides that, there was an unexplained death by violence of Mrs. Whateley and that did not help to make the place more popular.
Wilbur looked like a goat and his mom seemed proud of it. A lot of people was wondering why she kept him, but maybe she did not care, because she was not pretty herself.

Chapter 3:
Old Whateley started renovating ruined parts of his home after Wilbur was born. There was one room, in particular, maybe it was because Wilbur was born, no one knows. The room was normally filled with old books and it was a mess.
2 years after Wilbur was born, there was rumbling noises near the hills and shortly after there came thumping noises from the second floor of the Whateley home, words from a fish peddler so no one knows if it is true. Not just that, but around this time, there was a renovation on one of Whateley’s houses or his garage.
As mentioned before, Wilbur was special, but suddenly dogs began to attack him and that is why he started to kill or just shoot the dogs.

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