Horror Story

Once upon a time, there was a big family living in Kansas City. The family consisted of a father named Jim, a mother named Maggie, and their 2 boys named Rick and James, along with their to 2 girls Lisbeth and Mary. The family could not afford to stay in Kansas City anymore, so they had to move. They moved to a little town called Corn Creek, and the town was 50 kilometres away from Kansas City.

The house that they purchased was a big and abandoned house, filled with plenty of room for the kids. Along with the house came a big empty and broken barn. “It all just needs to be renovated, and it’ll be as good as new.” Jim said optimistically.

It was 9 PM, the whole family was having dinner. When unexpectedly the entire family heard a loud noise outside near the barn. The father went outside to find out what happened, and almost as soon as he left to go investigate the first sound, another loud sound came from the second floor of the house. Jim ran back into the house and grabbed his family around himself and protected them.

He then told them all to go into the kitchen and hide and wait. The father grabbed the home telephone and tried to call the police, but the telephone didn’t work because the electricity had been turned off somehow. Even though the father distinctly remembered that he had turned the electricity on when they moved in.

The oldest son Rick went upstairs to find his cell phone, the father shouted for Rick to come back down and told him not to go up there. But while the oldest son was looking for his cell phone, he then saw different and distorted faces around his room. He grabbed his cell phone and was about to go downstairs, but suddenly something grabbed his foot. He managed to throw the cell phone down to the stairs to the first floor. Rick kept calling for his father or somebody to come and help, but his call for distress was silenced.

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