The daily | Analysis | Michael Barbaro

In the podcast we hear about the police officer Harry Dunn who were present at the capitol riot. We hear about the discussed topic about if the officers should’ve used force against the rioters.

He describes the feeling of being there as a law enforcement who were supposed to handle the situation even though they were outnumbered.

Harry Dunn describes the rioters as possessed zombies, and the fact of them being scared of their lives they just thought about surviving.

The podcast is produced by the New York Times, it is an American newspaper. And The New York Times is one of the most acknowledged newspapers in the world.

They write about news from all over the world and they have an exceptional credibility. The podcast we hear are from the show “The daily” were the host is the journalist Michael Barbaro

in “The daily” Michael interviews people he feels has relevance for our society and in this case, it is officer Harry Dunn, who were present the sixth of January at the capitol riots.

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