The All – American slurp

In the story we hear about a family of four, who emigrated from China to the United States of America. One day, the family were invited to visit their American neighbors for dinner.
The Chinese family didn’t expect that there would be some difference in etiquette between China and the United States.

The family stepped into the Gleasons home, and exchanged handshakes and packed themselves on the sofa.

‘’Do try some of the celery, Mrs. Lin’’ said Mrs. Gleason. Since it is impolite not to accept food, if someone is offering you anything, all the members of the Chinese family picked up one of the green stalks from the tray.

Mrs. Lin was the first to try the celery, then all the members of the family followed and began crunching on the green sticks. While eating, long strings from the celery got caught in between their teeth. The daughter was the first to pull the long strings from her teeth, then her family followed and began making weird noises while pulling the strings.

Unfortunately, they did not know that in America, people never pull the strings out of the stalk. So in response to their noises, silence filled the room except for the z-z-zipping noise. Everybody were staring at them, the Gleason and the Badels.

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