Temporary shift regarding American Values | Essay

Material success, casino and expensive booze are some of the things you think of when you consider the American dream. The rags-to-riches stories about a poor being reaching extreme wealth in TV-advertisement and movies.

This teaches the American population through hard work, virtues of thrift and belief in the American free enterprise system that the American dream can indeed become reality for everyone.

When a global virus takes over a society you are going to see people, who belief in doing everything by themselves without any support or help in general, struggle with keeping their current thoughts about their values.

“Even in today’s society, where business is dominated by large corporations, individual ownership is still regarded as the ideal, and government regulation or intervention is often opposed.”(2)

This text explains everything regarding the current state of individualism in America, meaning that the idea of living your life without government intervention or regulation is the ideal.

Covid-19 has shown American people that taking lives of others into consideration is a necessity for an ideal society.

Although this thought among the American will probably not last forever and can simply be explained as the American values going on stand-by rather than changing.

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