American values | Engelsk Noter

1. Name as many American values as you can (think back to Jessica’s lecture and what else you know about America and do some googling)

2. Watch this video by Toby Keith; ´Made in America´:

3. Find a music video that you think contains American values and explain which values are shown and how they are shown in the video

4. Which values do you think are the most important for Americans today? Independence, Equality and Different

5. I now want you to read some American newspapers and look for American values in them. They can be found in various stories- including stories about the coronavirus.
-Which values are shown in the newspapers and how are they shown? This could also be articles featuring stories that you feel go against traditional American values.

Independence and individualism are one the most important things for Americans, because they are very proud of being self-reliant or being able to take care of themselves.

Americans believe in that hard work can get you anywhere you want to. America as many other countries have a history of slavery and that’s why it is super important in America that everyone is equal regardless of race, social class or wealth.

Maybe different are not the right word but in America it is super important for the people that they are unique to the rest of the world, they want to think outside the box and away from the mainstream thinking.

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