American Values | Engelsk

America was once and is still for some populations perceived as a wonderland, and this was especially the case amongst European populations in the 19th century. In-between 1800 and 1900 America received massive waves of immigrants from multiple countries in the world.

The vast majority of immigrants came from northern and western European countries but also from china and other Asian countries. Since then America has since then admitted more than fifty million immigrants, with the aim and anticipation of achieving wealth, acquire new estate.

And in some cases, immigrants aimed to live in freedom and live out the famous American Dream everybody was talking so much about. The American dream is first of all a western culture in The United States of America. The American Dream is the hope that one can become rich and famous and live a western lifestyle.

Secondly, it revolves around the view that it does not matter where you are from, what kind of family you grew up in, how much money your parents earn; everyone has an equal opportunity to live out the American Dream, as long as you work hard, one can eventually achieve prosperity.

The American Dream is only one of many American values. There are many values in which the Americans find important, and these values are shaped by the American people, but they are also shaping Americans to think and behave in a certain way.

One of the most commonly thought of values are the freedom of the individual, which includes political freedom, freedom of speech, religious freedom, economic freedom and personal freedom. It is clear, that Americans highly value the value of freedom, and is it a centered topic when describing their country. It is very common that American perceive their country as the freest society in the world.

In the discussion of freedom, equality also finds its way in as an essential American value. In some way, freedom and equality go hand in hand, as they create a society that protects the rights of the people to both be free and also be treated equally.

It is very essential for the citizens to feel free to express themselves without feeling threatened or treated differently due to individual characteristics.

Everyone has the right and power to express themselves, and everybody is equal no matter the color of their skin, gender, religious or political beliefs.

There are many examples in American history where there was no equality between different kinds of races, for instance the African Americans citizens were previously not treated equally but as slaves and inferior.

So, the value of freedom and equality is an important part of the American culture and for its citizens.

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