American Beliefs & Values | Essay

Write an essay about American beliefs and values!
How do we define the American culture? Because as we all know America is a country with a huge ethnic diversity, and many different religions. Which means that the definition of the American culture depends strongly on who you ask. Culture often depends on which religion you belong, because along with the religion comes a lot of traditions, values and beliefs.

Some Americans will mean that the saying “American freedom” is not all true, because some minor groups in popularity do not have the same rights as the main part of the popularity. For a couple of years ago, it was not possible for homosexual Americans to get married, and it is still not allowed in some states. Also, the African-American part of the population has for many years been oppressed by the white-skinned part of the population, because of the history of the black slaves. These two minor groups in society have for many years been having fewer rights that the main part of the population, but it is now beginning to change. The American freedom is still involving, so it at the end can affect all parts of the population.

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