‘Terminal’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

Happily married, your whole life in front of you and then suddenly, you become ill and get an ostomy bag attached to your body.

Everything has changed, and you begin to consider ending your life. However, is this the best choice for you or should you try to cope with this illness in a different manner?

This shows us that she is trying to convince herself that it is not a terminal illness, and that it is not as hard to wear it as she had previously thought.

Her friends are implicitly trying to get her used to this contraption, but she can’t see herself living with this forever.

She is obviously still very vain and can’t believe that she has to wear this ostomy bag and she has to feed herself with this fairy story from the doctors to stay sane.

Later in the story, we read that the woman and her husband make a pact, where she makes him promise to help her, if she is in pain:

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