Stability in motion | Essay

Transformation and teenage life come with its fair shares of different changes. The different changes can be seen as emotional, sexual, psychological, physical etc. Adolescence is for many a stage of life full of highs and lows and is highly emotional, which Marina Keegan draws attention to in her essay: “Stability in motion”. Changing personality and teenage life is the explored theme throughout her essay as the reader follows different personal experiences in the main character’s adolescence.

During Marina Keegan’s essay, the speaker narrates about her car which is a Toyota Camry which is purchased in 1990 by her grandmother and later on has given to the speaker when she is around sixteen years. While her grandmother drives in the car, it is marked by the cleanliness and ordered, which is not quite the case when the car has come into the speaker’s possession. With the passage of time the speaker fills up the Toyota Camry with all that the heart desires, and gradually the car is like an extension of the speakers very own identity and life development.

The reader gets the impression of the very thing in the speaker’s different descriptions which for instance is marked by an ironic style of writing as in this quote: “I had two bumper stickers on the back: REPUBLICANS FOR VOLDEMORT and the symbol for the Equal Rights Campaign. On the back side, windows were OBAMA ‘08 signs.” (ll. 105-110). Of the quote, it becomes clear that the car gives a profound analysis of the speaker as it represents her opinions and that the stickers can be seen as a symbolical developing of her Democratic political orientation.

To that place, the fact that one of the bumper stickers associated with the very villain in the series of Harry Potter makes the speaker’s style characterized by irony. In this connection, the author uses often figurative language, which is easy to understand and related to the car, a teenage life and culture as it describes the speaker’s personal history and way of thinking.

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