Stabilty in Motion | Delprøve | Engelsk

Looking back at a fond memory and reflecting upon it is a great way of developing yourself. You learn from past experiences, such as mistakes, and you’d try to avoid doing them again. This sort of reflection and looking back makes you realize what makes you “you”.

In this essay we’re told the life story of Marina Keegan, who does this in an interesting way. Most people would use pictures as a physical piece of memory, but Marina Keegan uses her 1990 Camry as a means of telling her story. In this essay I will analyze her writing style and her way of using her own personal experiences, as a means of persuading and appealing to the reader.

Personification and metaphors also play a role in making the car seem “alive”. “…grown organ by organ in four major assembly plants in Alabama” (ll. 6-8). The car is presented as a living being in the midst of being “born”. The car also has a personality based on the owner.

When it was still in the ownership of Keegan’s grandmother, the car was imbued with opium perfume. The car was imbued with her grandmother’s personality. When the car was messy with trash everywhere, the car was an embodiment of Keegan.

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