Solomon Northup | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Even Though there have been so many protests and speeches about racism, black people still get treated more like animals than human beings.

Throughout all the crimes people can commit you could easily see that white people are treated with respect and the laws that are set, where the police don't think twice about resorting to violence when a black person commits a crime.

Given the circumstances that they were in to keep a sound state of mind could be quite difficult.

And at last Solomon was caring, even though he couldn’t do anything about it he still cared for people who were sold to a bad person or separated from their family.

“What has become of the lad, God knows. It was a mournful scene indeed. I would have cried myself if I had dared.”

This means that he was very caring and showing and saying that he hopes that the boy is okay, makes it seem that he cares a lot for someone he really does not know that much.

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