Joe Biden spoke to the democratic national convention 2020, by the accepting party´s presidential nomination. Known as the best speech given, he had given in his 47 years of public service.

Trump and his campaign have been trying for months to smear Joe Biden as a doddering, senile 77- year-old who is being controlled by nefarious left-wing forces in the Democratic Party.

In this small cut out of the speech, he is using anaphora. In the phrase where he says: Too much three times in a row. He uses this in order to achieve an artistic effect.

The political message is very clear, he doesn´t think that what Donald Trump is doing for America right now, is good enough.

So, he promises his voters that if they vote him, he will be everything Donald Trump didn´t know how to be.

Joe Biden offered a vision of hope for a post- Trump Era where he could combat COVID-19, create jobs, and tackle racial injustice.

This quote also shows how Joe Biden uses Donald Trump’s failures due to how he´s handled the Epidemic by throwing light over how badly Trump handle this crisis at the beginning.