After being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden delivers his inaugural speech.

With more than 400,000 Americans killed by the pandemic, the 46th president spent much of his 21-minute speech focusing on a situation that would undoubtedly shape his first year in office.

Biden's speech is once again on the 'good' side, as it has been in previous speeches (Hvad mener du med dette, og hvor har du denne viden fra?)

In his first days in office, Biden vowed to make climate change a priority in his administration, b. Beginning by reversing many of Trump's environmental decisions via executive order and rejoining the Paris climate agreement.

During his primary campaign, Biden promised to make history with his running mate selection, claiming he would only consider women.

He followed through on that promise by electing a representative from one of his most ardent supporters, Black women, as well as the fastest-growing minority community in the nation, Asian Americans.

Biden's promise to reach across the aisle on policy and gain the respect of those who did not support him, rather than seeing them simply as political opponents, was a mainstay of his campaign, and it was a major theme of his speech.