‘See you never’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

I see you never is a novel written by the writer Ray Bradbury and was published back in 1947. In the novel, we get a feeling about how it is to be an immigrant in the United States of America and what you go through as an immigrant who arrives in a new country without anything or anybody to support you.

In the novel there is a big conflict that has a big influence on the whole story, the conflict is between the immigrant and the government in The States.

Ramirez as a Character is a good person and a person who really wants to contribute to the community, he is really hard working.

In the war, he used to work on the Airplane Factory and made the parts from the plane which fell off or were missing. The Dream for Ramirez/the American Dream is to establish a network and fit into the society in The States.

Ramirez wants a happy life, a life where he can make his dream come true and he thought that moving to The United States was his chance to make that happen. He also really likes the feeling of being free and doing what you want.

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