It was a Wednesday morning, and our class met at the airport in Copenhagen. We were ready to board on our flight to Frankfurt and later the same day, to San Diego. Our first flight was nothing special, just the usual flight. Not more than 2 hours later we arrived in Frankfurt to board on our main flight. It was only my second time in a plane that big.

The rows were displayed, such as there was two seats on the sides, and 4 seats in the middle of the plane.

Of course, the business class had way more space and more comfortable seats, well actually they were not seats but more like beds. Unfortunately, we were not placed in business class, but that we already knew. I got seated right next to three strangers, one on my left and two others on my right. The one to my left was an old German lady.

She was very nice, but had a very strong perfume. I was prepared to not have the best flight experience, but mostly because I knew that planes don’t give a lot of space for our legs.

Nevertheless, I had a tolerable flight. The tv sure did help forget the lack of space and the powerful smell of perfume. I was surprised by the amount of good and new movies there was on the tv. I must have watched at least 5 films on the whole flight of 12 hours, and only slept for about 2 or 3 hours.

We landed at 1pm local time in San Diego, and had to go through customs to get in the country. For me it was the first time travelling to USA, and one of the things that chocked me the most was the extreme amount of luxury cars.