Essay “student’s experiences at CIBU and in San Diego”

CIBU – California International Business University, is a different and special experience to gain and I have been very surprised. Back in Denmark, I had set some expectations for how I thought the school and learning process was like.

I started on CIBU the 29th and we were welcomed by the teachers – an in addition to that, it is always nice to be introduced to the people that are going to learn you, what you need for your exams back home. When school really started, I was pretty shocked, since I have never been in the U.S and haven’t experienced how the school system works or what the rules were.

Things over here are significantly different than back home, and I would say that it is negative and positive from my perspective.

I have learned how different things are because the school over here is harder and you have to more consists, serious and ambitious than back home – you really have to work for what you want. Which personally I’m used, I work for what I want and being ambitious about school.

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