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This short story is titled Red Truck and is written by Maria Behan in 2006. The protagonist’s name is Fintan, and he is a middle-aged man without a “real job” and no wife. Fintan is an artist/sculptor who dates many art students in their late 20s. Recently he dates women like Sylvia, who are older.

Sylvia takes Fintan to his mother’s house so that he can pick up his things since his mother is moving out. As he walks through his childhood home, the feeling of nostalgia brings up many memories.

He has two brothers who used to bully him. Among his things he finds his favorite red truck. The truck is the most important thing for him as a child. When he cannot find it he panics and blames his brothers.

Then he finds it but he is embarrassed so he tells no one about it. 44 years later he has the truck in his hands and decides to tell his mother that he found it in his brother, Peter’s, box.


The main character in this short story is Fintan who is one month from turning 50 years old. Fintan is an artist and is dating young art students, though his girlfriends’ age increases as he himself gets older.

He feels that time has flown by because he has not been able to accomplish anything since he finished his education. In conclusion he regrets the course his life has taken.

You can describe Fintan as passive since he lived all of his life expecting things to turn out great for him in time. He thinks that life will progress slowly until he figures out what he wants, but he eventually realizes that time waits for no one.

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