Poverty in the UK | Essay

Good afternoon. My name is Liliane Williams, and I am a student at the University of Manchester. It is an honor to stand here before you today at the Oxfords Schools Regional Debate Competition and talk about one of the biggest challenges in the UK, that being poverty.

Let me ask you this, how many in here have ever had to live without electricity, heat, food, and water? If you look around almost none of you know what it feels like.

For many people living in the city’s poorest neighborhoods each month, they must choose which one of the things mentioned above they can live without this time.

This leads me on to talk about the different attitudes to poverty. On one side there are those who believe that poverty is not as bad as the report states.

But on the other side, there are those who see poverty affect people firsthand. Philip Hammond is just one of the many disbelievers when it comes to the poverty situation in the UK.

Mr. Hammond rejects the idea that there are millions of people suffering dire poverty in the UK. He alongside Theresa May thinks that the best way to keep money in people's pockets is by creating more job opportunities

tax cuts, and a higher hourly minimum wage. But then there are the schoolmasters and teachers who every morning make sure that the children are fed proper meals and get at least one hot meal a day.

Because when the children return home food, water, and warmth may not be an option. Consequently, we have the people who experience poverty firsthand and then there are the people like the right-wing politicians who choose not to believe in the poverty problem.

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