Poverty in the UK | Engelsk Essay | 10 i Karakter

Good evening everyone. My name is Sofie Poulsen and I am a student at the University of Cambridge in England.

I really appreciate being here at Oxford Schools Regional Debate Competition today to give my take on one of the biggest challenges in the UK poverty, hope you will enjoy it. But first I hope you will participate in a quick poll.

Let me start by taking a detailed look at what poverty in the UK looks like now and what society says about it.

Poverty is a big problem in the UK, and it is our responsibility to solve it together. Statistics show that the number of poor people in the UK is growing

according to a new measure that takes into account costs such as housing and childcare. According to the report cites independent experts saying

“that 14 million people in the UK - a fifth of the population - live in poverty ” and “As mentioned by Professor Philip Alston “In 2017

1.5 million people experienced destitution, meaning they had less than £10 a day after 25 housing costs ” Imagine living on 10 pounds a day, tragic right?

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