Poverty does not exist | Essay | 10 i karakter

A number that is widely considered to be an undercount, is the number of people living in poverty. Poverty never has, and never will exist in the United States of America, according to the Trump administration.

This is something Bryce Covert discusses in her article in The Huffington Post. Despite the documented numbers showed in the article

the Trump administration seems to think differently about poverty. Good structure, but the grabber doesn’t quite do the trick. Who undercounts?

Not only is she using pronouns and negative words to convince the audience about her idea of poverty in the United States, but by using rhetorical devices such as the tricolon “They should tell … The administration should tell … They should tell”.

By using tricolon it helps to clarify and support the importance of her statement. Rhythm is also created when the journalist chooses the tricolon, which helps the reader remembering and understanding the meaning on a higher level.

Another rhetorical device used in the article is antithesis “Many of these families, researchers have found, have no money coming in — not through work and not through public benefits ― all in one of the richest countries on the planet.” .

The journalist describes the life of the people living in poverty in contrast to the country they are living in.

Bryce Covert is using the antithesis to show how ironic the problem actually is. How is it even possible that this problem is so serious in such a rich country, and the president of the country is not even taking it seriously.

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