In this discussion essay will there contain statements from multiple people, which the problem of poverty and the health care system effects.

First will there be included a quick introduction, afterwards the three thesis statements and in the end a conclusion to sum up.

The numbers of people living in poverty are rising, especially in northern England. The reason why is that sick people or those who cannot work are being denied health benefits or past retirement.

But the apartment has serious bad health condition. Katie states that, she had an apartment, where the roof leaking and has mould fungus.

And for a family like hers, this can especially have serious consequences for her children’s adult life. She found out that, a moist house, can give lounge problem over time, and mould fungus has several problems by living in its environment.

Instead she chooses to move in at a hostel, which were too small for them. Her son has lots of energy, which made him mad and Katies felt forced moving to a bigger house.