Mental health has been a sensitive topic to discuss, everyone has a different opinion about when your mental health is bad. It is one of society’s most penetrating stigmas today.

There are so many in the world that is struggling with mental health disorders and can’t deal with it in a proper way, whether that is anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness.

“I’m Asian, I’m gay, and I have faced discrimination – but not for the reason people think “…” it was actually when I got depression that I faced most discrimination”

I have also read the article “India’s mentally Ill turn to faith, no medication” the article is written by Miranda Kennedy, this article is reflecting on the problem there is in India when it comes to getting help with a mental health problem, in India there is one psychiatrist for every four hundred thousand, this number is shown by a study the government had made.

This means that a lot of people go with untreated mental health problems, they turn to the gods instead of doctors.