Pictures – Analyse | Af Rahila Khan/Toby Forward | Essay

Titel: “Pictures” (1987)
Skrevet af: Rahila Khan aka Toby Forward
Genre: Novelle

As the mass immigration escalated in the 1950’s so did the racial issues and the prejudices. Minority cultures began to settle down in Britain with their hopes and expectations of jobs and freedom, but the indigenous population was not happy as the government, which got labour. As the multicultural nation was established, the teachers and other workers would have to adapt that people came with different cultures than their own. It is shown in “Pictures” that this was hard for some people to understand. “Pictures” is a story, which takes place in the 50’s, of a Pakistani woman that is about cultural differences. These differences collide when the protagonist, Amina, is not being accepted for her Islamic culture by her teacher.

The dilemma is for Amina, whom she must satisfy, and who she is going to disappoint. It is either going to be her mother, Mrs. Iqbal, or her teacher. Mrs. Iqbal is Amina’s mother. She and her husband are influenced by the Islamic culture, and they both want their daughter to be affected in the same way as themselves. It is shown when the daughter had drawn the picture of the Virgin Mary and the prophet Jesus. Amina arrives home and she is proud of the work but Mrs. Iqbal is not positive in the same way, because of the Christian symbols she has drawn: “Mrs. Iqbal struggled to keep the emotion from her voice. She took the picture and folded it, first in half, then quarters, each time with a swift and neat crease. Then, she tore it across. The pieces were pushed into a bin.” (p. 3, vv. 60-63).

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