The story is centered around a young girl named Amina and her developing relationships with religion and family. In class Amina had made a drawing of baby Jesus and Mary, but when she arrives at home to show her mother

Mrs. Iqbal, she quickly destroyed the drawing asking Amina, why she would draw stuff like that. Amina seemed confused and after Mrs. Iqbal had explained to her why she should not draw these people as the Prophet Mohammed had forbidden it.

There are 4 characters in the story. Amina, her mother and father, and the teacher at her school. They all have a different kind of relation to the main character Amina. One thing they have in common is that all of them are trying to influence Amina in the best way possible.

The only problem being they clearly have different visions on how to do so, and the main conflict in the story is the question about Amina’s religion and the way different religions are being pushed on her from different sides.