‘Old Woman’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Every short story has some type of overall theme, in this short story written by Leean D. Rea, we found out that it is a social bond between 2 people, in the story it is about the mom and daughter.

It was a hot hazy morning, warm September days in Pittsburgh. They live in the suburb. Along City Line Avenue the trees were slowly turning brown. At Ms. Keller’s.

The mom and daughter have a different kind of relationship with each other, some like one of the other text I’ve read about dad and son

the mom and daughter their relationship looks like they are falling apart from each other, they don’t talk to each other like a stereotype mom and daughter.

The clothing style the mom has is also different from the daughter, looks tell us a lot about how people are

the mom has a dark-green suit, the color is very dark, and a boring color compared to what the daughter wanted, fancy black French jeans.

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