Struggles of a woman in the bush | Opgave

Most people have food on the table and a stable income, in most cases this gives a feeling of comfortability and security, but what if it all got taken away from you and the only thing you had left was your family?

Would you appreciate life? Could it cause fear for you and your family’s survival? This is exactly what the short story “The Drover’s Wife” by Henry Lawson is about.

The narrator’s point of view, which is a 3rd person omniscient, states a clear view of things. Furthermore, the narrator knows everything about everyone, which is why we knew that Jimmy wants to protect her mother by killing the snake.

For instance, the reader, have access to the drover’s wife’s thoughts. The narrator’s point of view does several things to the story.

The narrator allows the reader to be in her thoughts, where the events is happening, we get to know her inmost thoughts about the events.

We get to relive her moments with her. To sum up, it gives a sign of melancholy in the sense that the events are not happening right now, but she still shows emotions towards the events.

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