Obesity is a huge problem in the United States. The obesity rate for adults is over 40 % and is the most common cause of diseases.

We have done some research to find out why especially America is struck so hard by obesity and what can be done about it.

What is the main cause of obesity in America and what can it lead to?
Why is obesity not only bad for the individual, but for society?
Why is the obesity rate so high in America compared to other countries?
Who suffers the most from obesity?
How can obesity be dealt with?

Not enough activity is additionally a significant guilty part of the obesity epidemic.
It has been a long time since most Americans worked in fields and on industrial facility floors.

Now, a much larger part of the US is sitting throughout their whole workday.
This means that they get less exercise every day.

Children who have low levels of physical activity tend to develop more screen time rather than going outside and doing something productive;

such as playing soccer or other physical activities. As technology evolves, more and more children become obese due to inactivity.

Half of all obese people in the world live in these 10 countries, according to a study published in the Lancet.

Many Americans often eat McDonald’s or Taco Bell for instance for dinner, which is not convenient for the health of the human body.

Americans are having a huge obesity crisis compared to other countries. The obesity rate for adults is right now peaking at 42.4 %.

This is a high number compared to Europe where the obesity rate is 10-30 %. Studies from 2020 show that 19.3 percent of U.S. young people at the ages 2 to 19 have obesity

compared to the average across 23 EU countries, 14% of boys and 10% of girls aged 7 to 8-year-olds are obese, according to the COSI study.

74 % of obese Americans are concerned about their weight, but due to bad habits and ignorance regarding health, it is hard for them to break through the bad habits and change their lifestyle.