Fraternities in America | Engelsk

Fraternities are social organizations at colleges in America, and most young people who go to college have a wish of being a part of a fraternity. However, becoming a part of a fraternity is not normally an easy thing to do. Often, most students have to go through different kinds of tests to be accepted in the fraternity.

These tests can be very hard, which is one of the reasons why hazing can be seen as a bad thing. Parents might be scared of their children going to college, because they do not want anything to happen to their kids. Furthermore, a lot of deaths are happening because of an extreme hazing, so why do students still want to be part of a fraternity if it is about life and death?

It can be argued that students want to be a part of a fraternity because they get a lot of friends and they get to attend to different social gathering.

They kind of have a place and a social group they belong to. The students inside a fraternity will help and support each other, and it will therefore help many students to get through hard times: “Joining a Greek organization can help fight loneliness and depression” .

Furthermore, when students have this social network in a fraternity studies also show that students are more likely to stay in college if they are a part of a fraternity: “Greeks are also considerably more likely to stay enrolled and graduate college” .

When the students have been accepted to a fraternity they are becoming one big family. They will do anything to help and support each other in good and hard times.

Therefore, it can be argued that it is a good thing for students to be a part of a fraternity because it helps each student to have friends and good support throughout the time in college. Furthermore, most students who are a part of a fraternity is said to graduate. This must be because of the support they get from the other members of the fraternity.

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