”Our America” analysis

The text is a transcript from a radio documentary by LeAlan Jones. LeAlan Jones is an African- American journalist. The text has been broadcasted on radio and also published as a book.

LeAlan’s race gives him more credibility and validity in the text, as he lives in the middle of this “Second America” he describes in the text.

The topic of the documentary is racial inequality. LeAlan expands on the topic as America being a divided society, between the African-American population and the other races.

He talks about the differences of the two societies. An American is supposed to have life, liberty, prosperity, and happiness. But an African-American is due pain, poverty, stress, and anxiety.

He ends the text with his ideal solution - to have the races come together and make a change so the millenials won’t have to go through the same.

The reciever of the text is the white population of America. He adresses racial inequality problems and wants to reach out to make a change, at the end of the text.

In the language of the text, the text is serious and a bit sad/dark. LeAlan asks a lot of questions about why this inequality is, and what his people have done to deserve it. An example is page 1, line 30: "Why am I alive? What is my purpose?".

For me, this feels sad to read, LeAlan isn’t even sure why he is alive because he really believes there is no point in it, he feels powerless.

Another example in the text is page 2, line 5. “We must come together- no matter what you believe in, no matter how you look - and find some concrete solutions to the problems of the ghetto.”

For me, LeAlan wants to make a change and shows that the text isn’t just him talking about the inequalities - he really wants to make a change.

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