Exceptional America – Speech | Engelsk Opgave

Good afternoon dear ladies and dear gentlemen. It is an honour for me standing here today and giving you this lecture about a very interesting topic this afternoon.

Before starting the lecture, I will just introduce myself very quickly. My name is Peter Johnson, I am a 43-year-old professor at Oxford University, where I have studied social society studies.

It has always been a dream for me to study social society and here I am today giving one of my first lectures. With that said let us begin.

The topic for today’s lecture is about America and more specific, about American exceptionalism.

So, is America exceptional? Well according to 85% American’s America either stands above all countries in the world or is it is one of the best countries in the world, along with some others.

It is just 15% of the American’s that does not think America is one of the best countries in the world or the best country. But is America Exceptional? Let us take a look on some facts.

- America is 39th in income inequality according to the CIA World Factbook,
- America is 25th among 43 developing countries for the best place to be a mother according to Save The Children,
- America is 11th when it comes to the happiest countries in the world according to Columbia University's Earth Institute,
- And America is 47th in press freedom according to Reporters Without Borders,


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