Made in America, insourcing – You Can’t Import Original | 22. maj 2015

Write an essay in which you account for reasons for the current 'insourcing' of jobs to America and discuss what the U.S. Government and American manufacturers can do to keep jobs in the country.

You may use additional sources in English, for example from the Internet. Do not forget to document your sources.
Write the essay in English and give it an appropriate heading.
Word count: 800-1200 words

Use the following sources:
- U.S. manufacturing is back - but can Americans do the job?
- Will manufacturing jobs return to the U.S.?
- Obama Shows Off 'Insourced' U.S. Products (3:17)
- 'This Week': Made in America (3:18)
- Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. via the robot (2:25)
- Official Chrysler and Bob Dylan Super Bowl Commercial 2014 - America's import (2:00)

In the past, there was a lot of attention at companies outsourcing their production, and therefore also American jobs. But now the table have turned, we are now hearing a lot about American companies insourcing jobs back to America. But let’s start by looking closer at why the companies outsources in the first place.

For many years companies have been outsourcing jobs to industrialized countries like China and India. The purpose of this I to minimize the cost of their production.

This an option for the companies because of the significantly lower wages in many Asian countries. Therefore many American companies outsourced their production, which meant that they were taking away many American jobs. But now studies by Boston Consulting group shows that this is about to change, meaning that many American manufactures is insourcing a lot of jobs to the American people.

In the past three years, 500.000 new manufacturing jobs have been moved back to the states. There are many reasons behind the sudden increase in companies insourcing jobs. Some of them is that they now have access to less expensive energy which makes the cost of their production lower. At the same time the oil prices have increased, making transportation by ship way more expensive.

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