‘Nosedive’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

‘Nosedive’ (Season 3, Episode 1) shows us a society where our life is heavily influenced by social media. The episode looks into how every aspect of our lives are influenced by social media and our super-ego.

The story is taking todays societies superficiality to an extreme. The episode is set up as a thought project to see how this kind of society run by a socioeconomic system, affects the market.

With the public rating each other, based on interactions and repute, in such a deviant way it is hard for the socioeconomic system not to get such a conspicuous rise in significance to the individual and the market.

This is nicely portrayed in the scene where Lacie is presented the price for the house in luxurious Paradise Cove and the special “influencer deal” where if you have a rating over 4.5 you will get a 20% discount (9:41-10:38).

This is a deal made by the real estate agency to raise Paradise Coves attractiveness, the rating can also have a very negative effect

for example Chester can’t even enter his own workplace because his rating dropped so much after the divorce with his much more popular ex-husband1.

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