Narnia | Essay | 10 i karakter

September 3. Britain joined the 2. War after Germany had invaded Poland. The following years 1940-1941, the Germans led a bombing camping against Britain called the blitz.

The Germans conducted mass air attacks against industrial targets, towns, and cities, beginning with raids on London towards the end of the Battle of Brattain in 1940.

The B ombing led to thousands of children needed to evacuate to safety, and some of those children were Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund .

Many children were sent overseas but Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund were sent off to a professor who lived in a big house in the middle of nowhere.

Lucy is the youngest of 4 children. When they found the room with the wardrobe, the others left because they thought there was nothing, but Lucy was curios she thought it would be worth trying to see what was in the wardrobe.

“She immediately stepped into the wardrobe and got in among the coats and rubbed her face against them, leaving the door open, of course, because she knew that it is very foolish to shut oneself into any wardrobe” (ll.57-60).

It shows She is a curious and intelligent child to even think about not shutting the door and leaving herself locked in.

Lucy was even more curious and kept walking towards the end of the closet, but there was no end, there were trees “Lucy felt a little frightened, but she felt very inquisitive and excited as well (ll. 76)”

Lucy is also very brave walking into a wardrobe just made her stand in the middle of the woods, and she was only a little frightened she must be very brave.

Lucy’s curiosity leads here to some magic place, that no one knows about. In a time of war, Lucy manages to find a magical place in the professor's house, however

it could tell us that chaos can be unavoidable, and sometimes we must face the chaos one way or another.

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