The first few pages of The Novel “The Narnia Chronicles. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” from C.S. Lewis is about 4 young children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy who have to leave their home during the war.

For safety, they were taken to an old professor, who lived far away from war and civilization. His house was huge.

In the first four pages of the Novel we can quickly see that we are dealing with a fairy tale, for example the power to speak with animals, the magical creatures and the magical land Narnia are some signs for the typical fairy tale.

There is a magic system in this story, there are some things that do not exist in the real world, like supernatural powers and creatures. This magic system is very unique for Narnia and that’s why this film is so popular.

Narnia is a parallel world which co-exists with the real world, you can enter this world by going through a portal, in this case, the portal is an old wardrobe.