Mixed Martial Arts | Englesk Essay


text 2;
The article has its focus on the sport MMA which is a martial art. The author is the chief executive for Headway, a brain injury association. He tells his point of view on MMA and how it is an incredibly dangerous sport, were people die from brain injuries. Peters message is that the protocol must change so that no more deaths occur, and the focus must be on MMA not being safe.


Text 3;
This article goes in MMA´s defense. Throughout the article the author talks about both the positives and the negatives regarding MMA. He argues why we should look at the sport favorably. His message is that people should not rush to blindly criticize at the first sight of blood, but criticism should be nuanced in order to improve the sport.

Mixed martial arts also called MMA, got its name because it involves two opponents fighting each other in a ring using a variety of different techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. It is a sport which for many people seems incredibly dangerous and stupid, and others do not share the same opinion. These to opinions are highlighted in the texts above.

In text 2 peter McCabe argues against martial arts and for the sport to be banned. The very headline is “how many more young people must die before mixed martial arts is banned?” it is a rhetorical question with the purpose of catching the reader’s attention. An answer is not demanded, but McCabe forces the reader to reflect on his views on mixed martial arts.

McCabe uses the three appeals: pathos, logos and ethos to make his views on MMA more convincing. The writer uses pathos to engage the audience emotionally. He uses it when talking about Joāo Cavalados death to draw attention to how the family feels: “Everyone understands how agonising it is for a family to wait by the hospital bedside of their loved one, hoping and praying they will regain consciousness” (S.4 L. 14-17).

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