MeUndies | Afsætning

1. Analyze the product, price, and promotion (3 pages)
2. Discuss the distribution (1 page).

When looking at the marketing mix and the target group of a physical product, one would assess the four p’s. Product, Price, Promotion, Place (Distribution).

When analyzing the first p of the marketing mix, we look at product classification. Since the company sells underwear, which is a physical product, this would be a 100% tangible product.

Additionally, this would also classify as a consumer product, since they target the B2C market, meaning we would have to make use of the consumer product marketing considerations.

Here I have assessed that this would be a shopping product, since it sells over market price though offering quality “Our underwear is made of micro modal material extracted from Austrian beach wood trees.

This is, though extensive research 3x softer than regular cotton.” Additionally, it is something bought “less” frequently that being a monthly subscription, which is not bought as often as, for example, toilet paper or laundry detergent is.

Following, we assess Kotler’s three levels of product. The first level is the core product, which is the most basic need of a product.

This would either be “underwear” or something you would wear under your trousers. The following level is titled “actual product” and this refers to the actual product, meaning, besides the core product, what is special about this particular product?

As listed on MU’s website MU offer, ”The Softest Fabric in the World” → “Our natural, sustainable MicroModal feels like actual heaven on your skin.

You'll just have to feel it to believe it.”, insinuating that MU’s USP is high quality, thus maximum comfort. Lastly, we have the Augmented product, this is everything besides the core- and the actual product that adds value to it.

Looking at their website MU offer a number of different services besides the products they sell, namely

a contact page where the customer has the option to text, email, chat or DM them about any inquires that may occur, a full refund if dissatisfied, and free shipping in the US and International shipping at a fixed rate of $12.

Concerning the Branding strategy. Firstly, there is an evaluation of their brand positioning, this is where you consider the brands attributes, benefits, and beliefs.

Their attributes could be argued to be “comfortable underwear”, their benefits would be their high quality and comfortable fits, as aforementioned.

Their beliefs are product cohesion and customers satisfaction through comfort, as shown with their many advertisements promoting this.

Additional perspectives on branding are exemplified when MeUnides make use of the Corporate branding strategy.

This is because MU promotes their brand name as a corporate entity, as opposed to a specific product, e.g. “The most comfortable underwear in the world – MeUndies.”.

Mu is also seen utilizing the single branding strategy. This is because, MeUndies is a single brand that has its values, target group, and promotion, which is isolated from any other business, having its own identifiable personality within the market.

The PLC is described as when MU’s products are at the mid to late growth phase. This is because It took MU four years (2010-2014) to reach its first million pairs sold.

This is where MU presumably transitioned from the introduction phase into the growth phase. Shortly after they reached their next milestone, that being $10million pairs sold in June 2019, without having to raise any capital, as stated in the appendix.

Also, not wanting to share its exact revenue numbers with the public, MU has stated that they expect to earn $75million in 2019 which is up from $32,6million in 2016.

This is a sign of rapid growth which also matches the description of the growth phase in the PLC. The next p in question is the Price.

When analyzing the price of a company or product one could assess the following factors; Pricing objective, Major pricing strategies, Product mix pricing, Price adjustment strategies, & Price elasticity

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