Do a company presentation of MeUndies
Analyze the product, price and promotion
Discuss the distribution

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MeUndies is operating with direct distribution. The company is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning the brand manufacture, market and distribute their own products without intermediaries. The distribution strategy MeUndies utilize is direct channel distribution; the products go straight from the manufacturer to the consumer.

MeUndies is operating with a single channel system and the company’s marketing system is traditional marketing channel, because the amount of cooperation is none.

MeUndies provide value by being completely vertically integrated from manufacturing to shipping, but what could be a problem for the company is that they have no intermediaries. Intermediaries offer producers greater efficiency in making products available to target markets.

Intermediaries offer experience, contacts, specialization etc., which usually offer the companies more than they can achieve on their own. Currently, MeUndies have all control over how and to whom they sell their products too, but giving some of the control to channel members can be beneficial for the company.

Intermediaries will help transform the variety of products made by MeUndies into the specific products wanted by the customers.

MeUndies wishes to take the company to the next level, for which they can do through market development.

The company could sell their products to retailers to extend their geographical reach. The retailers would stock MeUndies’s products at their sites, reducing MeUndies’s own stock-holding and distribution cost.

Currently, MeUndies have one flagship store in Los Angeles which opened in May 2018. The company could open more retail stores in new areas or regions where the market’s attractive.

MeUndies could switch their distribution strategy from direct to selective distribution through online/offline retailers, in advantage of enhancing good market coverage while still maintaining a higher level of control compared to intensive distribution.