“Meet Mr. Beelzy” by JC | Analysis

The short story “Meet Mr. Beelzy” by JC starts in medias res, where we get introduced to three of our characters: Mrs. Carter, small Simon and Betty. The scene starts with Mrs. Carter and Betty in the kitchen observing Little Simon, who’s playing outside.

We quickly learn that small Simon isn’t playing with the other kids in his neighbourhood anymore he’s, in fact, playing on his own. The information we get from this story is told by a third-person narrator. The narrator is seen as being an objective narrator. The story is told without describing any of our character's thoughts, opinions, or feelings.

This narrator method is what JC and many other writers use. The outcome of it gives the readers an unbiased point of view, and make use of show it, don’t tell it, which is a popular writers technique: Small Simon came drifting in and accorded Betty a perfunctory greeting.

His face was an almost perfect triangle, pointed at the chin, and he was paler than he should have been. JC’s use of show it, don’t tell it is displayed. Small Simons “perfunctory greeting” and dull facial expression indicates a change in small Simon, including him starting to distance himself from the other kids.

JC’s use of dialogues contributes to the short story’s composition (structure). This again points towards the show it, don´t tell it technique. Where we need to interpret the plot based on the dialogues.

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