Everyone faces challenges when growing up. Some of these challenges are easy to overcome because we have been taught so, however, some are not. Bullying is one of those challenges that are very hard to overcome and to ignore. Studies have shown that one in every five children are victims of bullying, at least once a month.

Studies have also shown, that the reason people get bullied is mainly because the bully feels jealous and envious.

Bullying is one of the biggest challenges and greatest threats some children go through. It drives them to the edge at some point. However, can you imagine being constantly bullied due to the fact, that you are a little different?

This leads the bully to shove you into a closet on the day you have been looking forward to for a long time, which also happens to be the most important day of the decade? That is what Margot goes through in the story “All Summer in a Day” written by Rad Bradbury published in 1954.

The story “All Summer in a Day” is about Margot who is 9 years old. She previously lived on Earth but moved to Venus five years ago.

As a result of this she is a little bit different, because on Venus the sun only shines every 7th year, otherwise it is continuously sombre rain. Margot has not seen the sun for five years and is therefore overwhelmingly excited to see it again.

The other children in her class are also nine years old, but they cannot remember the sun, because they were only 2 years old last time it shone.

However, luck is in their favour since today is the day where the sun finally is coming out of hiding, and the rain, for once, hits the brakes. Margot is inhumanely shoved into a closet by our antagonist, the bully. Due to this, Margot misses the sun showering its grace.