Supertoys Last All Summer Long | Analysis

Is it possible to imagine our future in fifty years? How would we live, will we have children, and will we ever be content with what we have when technology maybe can give us everything we dream of?

There are many questions we can ask ourselves when we talk about the future. For some, the future may look brighter because artificial intelligence can give them what they would not otherwise be able to get.

In this story is reality a big theme and also the “conflict” for the text. This is almost a problem for one of the two main characters exactly David because he is not a real boy which we first find out in the ending of the story where Monica and Henry talk together about David

“Is David malfunctioning?” (Page 6). Here are we as readers beginning to understand the situation better.

The main theme in the text is reality and this makes sense after all these many things we get a description of through the story.

The text feels unrealistic most of all because it is difficult to understand this futuristic world they live in.

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