Analysis | ”That Summer” by Safia Moore | Engelsk


A young local boy in the city of North Down has a premonition or a ‘hunch’, that someone is going to die. The boy lives in an area of Protestants, where ‘The Walshes’ are the only Catholic family. One day he and his friend Noel Conway peek through a fence in the Walshes’ backyard, where Mrs. Walsh, who is of interest to the boy, is sunbathing. This interest in Mrs. Walsh increases throughout the summer, especially when he gets hands on a golden chain, that belongs to Mrs. Walsh.

The boy believes, that his premonition becomes reality, when two children goes missing. But the two children show up naked, grinning and alive. Nonetheless, the premonition does come to pass, that same weekend, when Mrs. Walsh dies in a car accident.


The things we remember from our childhood, are the memories that have impacted us the greatest. A memorable day with the family, learning new skills or a tragic event are a few examples of what one can clearly remember from one’s childhood. A story, that perfectly evokes these memories and discusses this theme, is the short story: “That Summer” by Safia Moore.

It takes place in North Down, a Protestant community in Ireland during the summer. The story revolves around the death of Mrs. Walsh, a Catholic woman, and how the main character in retrospect looks back on how he as a child coped with tragedy, insecurity and life.

The story deals with childhood and death, but also expands on the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland at that time...

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