I think the theme in the short story is hope. Not hope in a good way mostly. I understand the theme, which I think is hope in this short story

as how hope can affect your actions and just lead you blindly into believing and doing things that is not right. The way the children in the short story is completely making Margot left out

because they do not want to believe the actual truth. Margot is being bullied and locked in a closet because everybody else has hope and dreams.

This short story ‘All summer in a day’, written by Ray Bradbury and was published for the first time in 1954 and it is a science fiction about hope for children.

The plot is about the children living on Venus where the sun only shows every 7 years. One girl, Margot, has lived there 2 more years than the other children

so she remembers the sun and is trying to convince the other children that their fantasies are fake, which ends up being the reason to Margot getting bullied.

Margot is 9 years old, which is 2 years older than the other children. For a 9-year-old, she seems very independent and clever in some way.