My summer holiday started with a last day of school party at one of my classmate's houses, after school finished before summer holiday. There were a lot of people and old friends I saw and talked with again.

We partied a bit at their house, but later on we took the train to Tisvilde beach. It was a fun party to start the summer with, but there were sure more to come.

It was truly amazing that when we walked out of our rbnb’s door we were already in the very centre of the city!

There were so many stunning restaurants and cute stores, charming architecture, it was honestly a very fun experience.

We stayed there for 3 days, I think, and then we started driving upwards again to another city, that I don't remember the name of, but we stayed at one of those small apartments where other families also lived.

We had our own pool and lived very close to a delightful beach with sand, which was overly nice because in Croatia beaches really often have rocks instead.

Now the road trip was over, and we were heading back home on the 17th of June, but there was something not pleasant waiting for us. We were stuck in 5 hours of
traffic on the way to the border.