Racism is a thing that has had a huge impact on the world, and it still has. It’s a theme that everyone knows about, but also, everyone might have a different opinion on the topic.

Some people might not like the other race because of various reasons, and others will treat everyone as if there was no difference in skin.

Line 1
“Southern trees bear a strange fruit”

Line 2
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root”

Line 5
“Pastoral scene of the gallant south”


Trees. Then leads into the first metaphor that we meet in the song, the “strange fruit”. As of now, we don't know what this means, and what the song really is about, but it still makes us come up with an image in our head and makes our brains start thinking.

When thinking of food, we often think of it as something nice and healthy, it is more of a positive word than a negative.