An essay on “Eastmouth” by Alison Moore

Everyone has their own idea of how their future life will be. Others might also have an expectation for what one’s future will bring.

The ideas different people might have on what one’s future will hold can sometimes start a conflict because others might have some expectations towards what one should do with one’s life.

In Alison Morre’s “Eastmouth” published in 2014, the plot sheds light upon a girl with an expectation for her future, but her perception of what her future should hold is not the same as others.

In “Eastmouth”, it is mostly the inner characterizations that are interesting to analyze. Sonia, the protagonist, is a determined person, who says what she truly means, even when she is meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, who you would normally be excessively polite towards, "I think I'll go for a walk," says Sonia. "I'll come with you," says Peter, beginning to get to his feet.

"I'd rather go on my own," says Sonia (ll. 92-94). This refusal might be because of her recently finding out she is pregnant, and she might need time alone, which is also the reason to why the seagulls, to Sonia, sound like crying babies.

The lady in the raincoat is only a symbolic character, but she is a representation of what boring life Sonia will have if she stays in Eastmouth.

As Sonia tries to flee the town by train but discovers there aren’t any trains departing, the lady in the raincoat confronts Sonia, "Yes," says the woman. "You are. You're the Websters' girl" (l. 187). Now that Sonia didn’t manage to escape the town, her future now is in Eastmouth.

Unlike Sonia, Peter is very fond of Eastmouth, which is seen when he comments on the state of the town, “He is beaming, cheerful when he says, "Nothing changes"" (l. 28). The phrase “Nothing changes” can be equivocal, because a town where nothing happens can for some seem dull, but for others, like Peter, the fact that the town hasn’t changed is seen as comforting.

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