Eastmouth – Essay | 10 i karakter

When people are young, they imagine the life they will get. A life, different maybe, from what it will end up like. Most teenagers have a lust for excitement, adventure, and exploring new places to settle down.

They wish to achieve all sorts of goals throughout their life. But in some cases, you might want to take the secure and safe road. A road, where no risk will be taken, and no harm will come to you. However, it is almost inevitably to avoid every single challenge towards your goal. It could be financial, could be teen pregnancy or even small obstacles in our everyday life.

This assertion is shown in the short story “Eastmouth” by Allison Moore. The main character “Sonia” is a young woman who dreams about traveling to Las Vegas, but she finds herself stuck in a small city, with her boyfriend and an unplanned pregnancy. Because of the unplanned pregnancy and as well, the boyfriend’s parent’s reaction to this, Sonia has a hard time keeping her life together and that forces her down to the train station.

In “Eastmouth” the narrator is a 3rd-person narrator with limited knowledge who can only take the point of view from Sonia. Because of the limited narrator, we only have access to how Sonia thinks. This is shown at line 8-9 p.1: “I’ve missed the sound of the gulls,” says Peter, watching them circling overhead. He says this, thinks Sonia, as if he has not heard them for years.”

Here the narrator doesn’t know about the character, and what he thinks about. We only get the background knowledge from Sonia, and what she knows about Peter.

But the way of using this kind of narrator makes opens for new opportunities to form the story. The limited narrator hides some of the facts from the readers, which leads up to the moment, when it is revealed that Sonia is pregnant.

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