Low Visibility | Summary and Essay


The short story Low visibility is written by Margaret Murphy in 2008. The story is about a woman named Laura, who is married to a man named John. She is very unhappy in her marriage, due to the fact that John is very abusive.

Formerly Laura was a delighted woman, but throughout her long marriage, she has started to feel more and more invisible and worthless. She has always been used to putting John above her own needs.

She does not have the strength to stand up for herself and leave him. But One day John ends up in a fight and hurt himself pretty bad. When he is laying on the ground surrounded by bricks and begging for Laura’s help, she finally leaves him and feels some sort of freedom again.


Luckily over the past years, oppression and violence to women have been reduced. But unfortunately, there are still a few men who oppress women.

From the outside, it can be truly difficult to see if a woman for example is in an abusive marriage, because it is a subject that can be really difficult to talk about, and the fact that it is a very tabooed subject, does defiantly not make it easier.

In the short story Low visibility, written by Margaret Murphy we get a real insight into how an abusive marriage starts and unfolds.

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